How to choose the right feed barge?

6 steps for choosing the right feed barge_3DAuthors: Tore Obrestad, Business Development Manager and Hans-Øyvind Sagen, SVP Sales and Marketing, AKVA group Nordic.

40 years ago, the fish farmer walked around the pens with a bucket and hand-fed the fish. Today’s high-tech feed barges represent a long technological journey from that time.

The feed barge and its systems are among the most important factors in the pursuit of lower production costs, increased fish welfare and good salmon prices.

In this guide, we go through six important factors that you should consider when deciding the type/ design and size of your next barge.

  1. What is best: Steel or concrete barges?
  2. Choice of feeding system
  3. Choosing the size of feed silos
  4. Dimension the control room for the proper equipment
  5. Ensilage system/mort collecting
  6. What energy solution do I choose? 

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